About Me

I would like to begin this by saying that if you have never tried summarizing yourself, i.e. via some sort of an "about me" page - you should try it. When doing so myself, I found it requires a high degree of retrospection and is much harder than it seems.

My name is Akshit Kumar and I am a law student, a full stack developer and an Information Security enthusiast born, raised and living in New Delhi, India. When I first started this website, it was not even hosted on a TLD and was made using a drag-and-drop website builder. Today, it is my life's flagship project where I constantly learn, share and we grow our knowledgebase together.


The NetWise newsletter is my feeble attempt to land in the Information Security industry and learn more about it. By having people waiting for a newsletter, it encourages me to read more and more about the topic and further write it down for them. It is a win-win situation where my readers get their monthly dosage of Information Security news and information, and I learn.

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Life View

My beliefs are heavily grounded in Evolutionary Biology and Psychology, and I believe, fundamentally and from a non-human-experience standpoint, that we are biological creatures without free will. Our goals, desires, flaws, and strengths can all be traced to evolution’s deep programming within all of us.

Reaching Out

So, that's me being transparent and real on the Internet, and encouraging you to do the same. If you appreciated that, or you have a question, a complaint, or would just like to say hello — you can find me on Twitter or reach out to me via E-Mail.

I like hearing from other humans on their own journey. Until then, I’m glad I share the planet with you, and I hope you are well.

Yours truly,
Akshit Kumar